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PSX Extreme has posted their preview of NHL 08.
"You’ll have to actually develop offensive game plans that require precision passing, taking defensemen out of position, and a variety of shots on goal. Because you won’t be able to net an easy score on breakaways all day long, you’ll have to set up an offense that might actually mirror that of a real-life hockey team. That’s right, team play will be a requirement in the face of this ramped up artificial intelligence. Furthermore, you can deke and pass all you want, but if you keep repeating the same tactic over and over, the AI will pick up on that and adapt accordingly. If you’re making a lot of long passes back and forth across the ice, the other team might fall back into a zone in an attempt to pick them off “in transit.” If one of your stars is lighting things up, he might soon find himself looking down the business end of a double-team. And it doesn’t end there, either; the AI will also recognize specific game situations- power plays, time running out with a certain number of timeouts left,
yanking the goalie for a 6-man attack, etc. Overall, this appears to be one sports title that won’t give anything away."

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