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We have just posted some Backbreaker screenshots and a trailer.
"Itís time to tackle football like never before. Backbreaker is taking sports video games to a place where the action is never the same and every hit looks and feels as realistic as a Sunday afternoon. Utilizing NaturalMotionís revolutionary euphoria motion synthesis engine, the same groundbreaking technology featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, youíll never see the same tackle again. Ever.

For the first time in a sports game, this mix of technology, biology and tenacious attitude is turning the gridiron of past, full of canned animations and repetitious gameplay, into a dangerous form of self expression. Every unique tackle in the world of Backbreaker is an artistic exercise in hard hits and athletic skill. Itís time to show your friends just how painful art can be."

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# 1 mike24forever @ 08/22/07 11:24 PM
If they make this a sim based game and make the players look realistic, I will definitely play this game. I do not care if it's generic players. This should also for EA hand, to adopt this engine.
# 2 lostone @ 08/23/07 09:46 AM
looks like the half life 2 engine. rag dollish
# 3 ehh @ 08/23/07 11:37 AM
Anyone else getting an error message when trying to view the screenshots?
# 4 Macar91 @ 08/23/07 11:40 AM
Yup, I'm getting an error message when I try to look at the screenshots as well.

As long as the game isn't to Blitz-ish, It's definitely a pick-up for me.
# 5 Steve_OS @ 08/23/07 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by ehh
Anyone else getting an error message when trying to view the screenshots?
# 6 RubenDouglas @ 08/23/07 05:05 PM
with all the damn money EA makes, this looks like one logical step for them to take. then again, if you DO nothing and still earn, why even improve?

they could however earn even more of a fanbase with that decision
# 7 2knut @ 08/23/07 07:56 PM
Don't know enough about natural motion to have a judgment.

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