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IGN has posted previews from the following games:
  • SBK-08 (360)
    " While half decent car-based games are released on a seemingly hourly basis, you can generally count the number of quality motorcycle games on the wheels of one bike. Milanese developer Milestone knows a lot about each genre, with a heritage comprising the likes of Screamer, Evolution GT, Lamborghini FX (four wheels) as well as Super-Bikes Riding Challenge and the MotoGP and SBK series (two wheels)."
  • Burnout Paradise (PS3)
    "Your car is going to get messed up. If there was one thing to take away from EA's presentation of Burnout Paradise -- that is beyond all the street names, easy D-Pad online system and snapshot photos that they rehashed from E3 -- it's that your car is going to get screwed up in this game, and you're going to love it."

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