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I'm an Engineer! Yup, I passed my last exam on Saturday and am now a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer! I think I'll take a month off, then study for the Exchange exam, since that is really what I'd like to get into.

We went to the zoo yesterday. We were thinking we'd spend a few hours there, but ended up making an entire day of it. We had a blast and Nat loved to see all the different animals. I had no idea the zoo was actually FREE! Anyways, watching the monkeys fight with each other made my day, it was hilarious!

The Cowboys disappointed me, as they were the only letdown of the weekend. The running game was non-existant with Jones still seemingly running like a robot. The passing game is still fairly solid, but Romo can't win it all by himself. The "D" was...well...how can I put it... They sucked, the Texans ran and picked them apart in the air, embarrassing...Especially after playing as well as they had last week against the Broncos. If Newman is out for any amount of time during the regular season, it could be a very ugly season.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: How was your weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 08/27/07 08:03 AM
Congrats Steve!!

QOTD: Crazy, yet fun weekend. Was in Vegas for my friend's bachelor. Gambling didn't go so well, but I had a great time otherwise, though I'm still hurting from the lack of sleep.
Got back Saturday night for my wife's cousins' band's show. They rocked (as usual-check them out at www.beautifullies.net). Funny thing was that they and the band they are touring with opened for a bunch of pot-smoking rap groups, including the headliner Afroman. Apparently, the club double-booked and ended up with an interesting mix of styles.
Got a little Madden in yesterday and turned the ball over 12 times in two online games. I really hope they fix this turnover glitch soon.
# 2 Pete1210 @ 08/27/07 08:07 AM
Congrats on the Certification!

The weekend was good. Saturday we visited my sister-in-law who was camping out on the East End of Long Island. Brought back some delicious farm stand vegatables and fruit. Sunday I helped my Dad with his PC. Just changing his anti-virus program. Had Norton which expired and they wanted $35. I set him up with Avast, which I've been using for years.
# 3 JohnnytheSkin @ 08/27/07 08:44 AM
QOTD: Weekend was nice and relaxing. My wife found a new bedroom set for my son at a garage sale in the rich neighborhood (looks brand new...white pine with clear veneer) so we swapped out all of his clothes and re-arranged his room. Also put more hours into 'BioShock', I'm thinking the end is near.

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