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  • EA Shoots for FIFA Street 3 (Multi)
    "EA officially confirmed FIFA Street 3 in a small mention about the game in an official press release earlier this week. In development at EA Canada, the game was shown behind closed doors at the Leipzig Games Convention. Official details about FIFA Street 3 are not yet available for the public, and the game has not yet been officially announced for release in any for specific territories (the game is being shown in Europe, so we'll assume it's coming there, and FIFA Street 1 and 2 had releases stateside and elsewhere in North America as well.) Exact platform plans were not officially announced either, other than that the game shown at GC was "next generation consoles" -- this is assumedly PS3 and Xbox 360, but it's not known yet whether Wii fits in the plans or if other current-gen systems or handhelds will see FIFA Street 3."
  • Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Hands-on (DS)
    "Although we weren't allowed to try all the game modes out, our hands-on time would lead us to believe that the meat of PES on the DS is World Tour. Here, gamers create a team -- name it, decide its emblem, choose a stripe color, etc. -- and assign players to it. You win matches, move toward the top of the soccer world and unlock new players. Another component of World Tour is the store where you'll buy player enhancers such as improving your team's attack, speed and defense."
  • Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Hands-on (PSP)
    "Slide tackle was our favorite button. The first time we did it, Brazil took out the Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo, we got yellow carded, and Portugal scored on the free kick. Lame. For revenge, we immediately took out an opponent. This time Ronaldo freaked out and made a big to-do out of exaggerating his injury. We got yelled at again and argued with the ref for awhile. In short, it was worth it."
  • WipEout Pulse Screenshots (PSP)
  • Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Screenshots (360)
  • Sega Rally Revo Hands-On (360)
    "The game is a constant balancing act. Tracks aren't just strips of mud or pavement. Most tracks combine a variety of surfaces. You'll tear across a stretch of deteriorated pavement before sliding out into a corner painted with thick mud. The cars ahead of you cut grooves through the mud which you feel through the vibration of the controller. These grooves are persistent, too. Deep ribbons in the mud made on the first lap are there in the third lap, unless enough cars have plowed across them on the second to drastically move the mud. This makes each trip through these patches different. If you manage to race through a heavily trafficked patch of mud, you'll have far different traction that if you manage to find a lane of drier or less disturbed mud. Little things like thing guarantee that victory in Sega Rally Revo will not be linked to 100-percent memorization and mastery of a course -- maybe just 90-percent."
  • Indianapolis 500 Legends Preview (Wii, DS)
    "While the racing mechanics are simple at their core, Legends has implemented several unique features to heighten the experience. Most racing fans are familiar with the technique of drafting – that is, using an opponent’s slipstream to reduce air resistance and increase speed – but few games have been able to capture the value of this mechanic to any meaningful degree. But in Legends, when you pull up behind an opponent and enter their slipstream, the screen darkens and “draft” lines extend from the rear of the car ahead visibly reinforces how drafting works."
  • Need For Speed ProStreet Eyes-on (360)
    "However, after a few minutes of gameplay something felt off -- namely, there was no life in the environments. Sure, it looked pretty and the cars were shiny, but as folks cruised through the streets, there was nary a person, tumbleweed or windswept tree to be seen. It was as if anything not on the road was a painting."

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