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  • NBA 2K8 (360)
    "For lack of a better term (or an official one that we can remember), we're calling them the cell phone bars, because that's exactly what they look like: your signal reception on your phone. The bars measure your hot streaks and efficiency from specific ranges, and they're color-coded for hot, warm, and cold spots with red, yellow, and blue bars, respectively. There are also dead zones; you're not likely to hit a shot from half-court with too many people. For Davis, a shot from the top of the key gets him two bars of yellow, which means that it's not impossible, but it's better to get closer to up those bars and make them red."
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS3)
    "We've also heard that the game has more animations than PES 2007. That's where things get sticky. We played two rounds of PES 08 on 360, and we noticed that the controls felt a little tighter than last year, although it wasn't drastically different. Also, we noticed that some of the visuals got cleaned up after last year's game. That's not to say that it's a prettier game than FIFA 08, but then, has PES ever been better looking than FIFA? It's safe to say, however, that the pitch actually looks like one from a next-gen game, and less like an upscaled version of Winning Eleven 9 played back on a 360."

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