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  • Burnout Paradise Pushed Into 2008
    "The next installment in one of the most critically acclaimed racing franchises in the industry is now scheduled for Q1 2008: Burnout Paradise will not make its initial 2007 release date, according to a recent confirmation by EA. They say the development is nearing completion, but they "want to make it perfect," so they're taking the extra time. It's too bad we have to wait for this hectic, fast-action title, but hey, we say give 'em the time if they need it. After all, attention to detail is exactly the thing that made prior entries in the series so damn good."
  • Ferrari Challenge Preview
    "Now speaking of performance, just like Sega's old F355 game, this is a pretty simulation focused racer. You can't just mash the pedal and take turns going 100MPH. Turn in poorly, and you'll lose control. Break too late and you'll go off course. The game is reportedly taking shape to be fairly challenging, so those who are looking for a pick-up-and-play experience may want to look elsewhere: like Project Gotham or Need for Speed. Now, just like F355, there will be assists in the game, although it simply isn't made to be played with them. Furthermore, if you really screw up, you can actually flip the car over. And remember, because this is a sim game, you'll have to use some strategy in your pit stop planning."

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