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Terry Crouch has just posted another article, this one entitled Oh, That's Where.
"Oh, so that’s where. Thoughts?

A few weeks back, I wrote a piece that posed a simple question with regards to video gaming:
where have the good times and the fun gone? I won’t bother rehashing it all over again, but basically I wondered why games didn’t seem to hold their fun factor any longer. People dissect games to death on the internet, and wondered why I couldn’t get back that childhood feeling of being completely immersed and in love with a game.

Enter the skate demo."

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# 1 JohnnytheSkin @ 09/05/07 10:02 AM
Great article, Terry!

As one of those who was very uninterested in the game after the formulaic Tony Hawk franchise killed my interest in the genre, you've prompted a download of the demo.

Eager to see what other topics you'll write on. Good job!
# 2 ezekiel55 @ 09/05/07 10:50 AM
This is a damn good article and considering this is more of a "tradtional" sports website, it makes me so very happy that people here can appreciate the intricacies of a game like skate.

I as well use to be a skater punk rollin from spot to spot, gettin harrassed by mall security, and riding my friends homemade halfpipe that was so sturdy you'd think the army corps of engineers built it

Recently I had a terrible skateboarding accident about two years ago and dislocated both wrists and broke my hand in two places. I still have the metal plate in there to prove it.

Since I'm 25 now and realize I'm not as indestructible as I once thought, damn you father time, I decided to take a break from skating to avoid a break from skating. That last sentence is like a phrased palindrome....I digress.

With skate on the horizon though and sheer amount of depth we have all witnessed from a thirty minute demo in a tiny skate park!.... you start to appreciate that there are still developers out there for us, the gamers.

And please dont put all the praise on EA, rather applaud them for allowing Blackbox the time and resources to make the game they wanted as skaters and we as skaters wanted ourselves.
# 3 Da_Czar @ 09/08/07 09:55 PM
Very nice article... I look forward to these. Thanks for the info on skate I was wondering what all the noise was about I played thps with my son and we had fun with it but this sounds like something I can get into . I love anything realistic even if its a Sport I never played. I like something that takes skill to master and can only imagine how good fans of the genre must feel to have a real challange before them. I might just download the demo myself...

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