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We have just posted our interview with Ben Bishop, Project Manager of NHL 2K8.
Operation Sports: Will 2K8 use "Cinemotion"? If so, how has it been improved?

Ben Bishop: Cinemotion is still a part of the experience, and now you can choose between that and Traditional Broadcast in our Presentation menu. Our focus this year was more on the broadcast style though, including beefing up our commentary database and updating and improving stat overlays. We did change some of the available Cinemotion music tracks, but the style overall is very similar to what you saw in 2K7.

Operation Sports: How has the puck physics changed this year?

Ben Bishop: One of my favorite tweaks that may not be as noticeable to everyone right away is that pucks bounce and deflect off of sticks a lot better than they used to. In 2K7, pucks deflecting up and out of play was a rarity, but now you’re likely to see it happen a few times a game. We also worked on the ways pucks bounce off of the goalie pads, and now there are more shots that get deflected off into the corners. Collision volumes with the goalie and the net were improved too, so overall puck physics are definitely tighter and more realistic than they ever have been.

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