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Have some questions for the Producers of NBA 2K8? If so, post them here.

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# 1 KENYON06 @ 09/05/07 08:15 PM
Does the CPU utilize big men the way they should? Dirk shooting a lot of long distance shots, Duncan taking you to the post, Shaq pushing you right under the basket and jamming on you, etc.

Edit- What I mean by this is do the CPU big men play a bigger part in the game? In 2k7 they were like spectators.
# 2 Dregur @ 09/05/07 08:16 PM
What measures have you taken to improve the low post game, both offensively and defensively?

-The Grinman
# 3 Mintsa @ 09/05/07 08:21 PM
Have you guys corrected all of the incorrect uniforms & courts from 2K7 ??

I know it's only cosmetic but it makes a HUGE difference when your home squad has incorrect jerseys and home court design.

# 4 Chi Dynasty12 @ 09/05/07 08:37 PM
Will big men take "big-man-like" lay-ups, rather than super athletic lay-ups that is default for every player?

How have you fixed the foot-planting system?
# 5 TMagic @ 09/05/07 08:41 PM
What new addition in the game will have the most profound effect on the gameplay?
# 6 TMagic @ 09/05/07 08:43 PM
What new feature or addition to this years game has most of you who've worked on the game the most excited?
# 7 SHAKYR @ 09/05/07 08:46 PM
1.Will defensive players actually make real defensive plays,like block aggressively if they have a high rating.

2.what's the high limit if I wanted to create a player,there are some realy tall Asian players.

3.What changes can we expect from the Create A Player?
# 8 Angel_Fan @ 09/05/07 08:47 PM
Have people moving without the ball been improved? In the past, the computer would just stand in place with the ball at the top of the key and everyone else on the court will be standing still.
# 9 chance @ 09/05/07 08:57 PM
Can the user change existing players shoes this year?

Also how many shoe brands are in this years game?
# 10 aholbert32 @ 09/05/07 09:10 PM
Can you control more than 8 teams in a franchise or season? If not, can you at least play the games of non user controlled teams?

Will CPU teams with star PFs or Cs focus on getting the ball to their star post players?
# 11 Da_Czar @ 09/05/07 09:26 PM
did you imporve the floor spacing?

did you guys do any improvements with your offensive and defensive plays ?

what new ratings or tendencies were added ?
# 12 BSanders @ 09/05/07 09:29 PM
Is coach mode in this year?
# 13 TMaj1972 @ 09/05/07 09:34 PM
What changes have been made to the Association this year? Has scouting changed (and the bugs in it been removed)? Has trade logic been tweaked in any ways similar to the "we're a rebuilding team so we won't trade for that veteran contract"-type logic being advertised in NBA Live?

Will the dunk and 3pt contests be available in Association mode?
# 14 jui2.0 @ 09/05/07 09:44 PM
Have you added touch passing (please especially on fastbreaks)
# 15 Trevytrev11 @ 09/05/07 09:46 PM
1) It seems it's tough to manuever down the side of the court just outside of the 3 pt. arc (mear the corners) without stepping out of bounds. In real life there is small space between the the 3 pt. line and our of bounds, but its not that difficult for a real player to stay in bounds. Have you done anything to make it more realistic? It's almost a non factor in the game because it's too easy to step out of bounds.

**In other words, in real life a player can easily dribble from the arc to the corner, either to get some isolation or pull up for a jumper without stepping out of bounds, however if you try this in the game, you will end up stepping on the line more often than not.

2) In last years game, there was too long of a delay when running the pick and roll. The PF would come up and set the pick and my PG would pick up the bigger defender, but instead of instantly cutting to the basket for an easy 2, the free'd up PF would wait a second or two and kill the momentum of the play and take what should have been an easy basket into a non-play.

3) Not sure if this was included in last years game, but it would be nice to have a practice mode where you can actually practice your teams plays with the offense only and also against a defense. Will this be included in this years game (assuming it wasn't in 2K7)

4) Last year it seemed there were some obvious money spots on the court where just an average shooter would become a superstar no matter what. In other words, no matter what the situation there seemed to be a 80% chance they would hit the shot. Has this been fixed. I understand, certain players have spots they are more comfortable from, but it's not like every player becomes Reggie Miller from the top of the 3 pt. line.

5) Last year, it also seemed that players strengths were too strong. Brent Barry is a solid 3 pt. shooter, but that is because he takes most of his shots without a defender on him. However, in the game, it doesn't matter if he had a 7 footers hand in his face or not, it seemed he would make the shot regardless of how tough the defense was on him.

6) Also, I don't understand the reasoning behind the free throw system. A good FT shooter who has an awkward FT motion shouldn't be harder to shoot with than a horrible FT shooter who has an easy motion. Last year it was easier to shoot with Shaq than it was for Rip Hamilton just because Shaq had a "smoother motion." Also, maybe in online games, FT's should be determined by the shooters % and not the user as certain players either have a ton of lag or know how to freeze the other player. While I'm not a fan of meters, I think it is better than the current system because there is an obvious benefit to a better FT shooter that is not based on the ease of their stroke. It seems that if this system is to be used, a lot more margin for error needs to be given to balance this out. I shouldn't have to be fine at all for Nash to hit a FT and I should have to be perfect for Ben Wallace to have a chance. Last year, perfect was perfect and just missing was off regardless of who was shooting.

7) Any addition of flagrant fouls? Some times a team will foul hard on purpouse, it would be cool to see this feature in the game as it could be used to change the momentum of a game if a star player receives an unnecessary hard foul.

8) As stated before, what have you done to utilize big men the way they are used in real life. While Dirk, Duncan, Yao and Amare may all play center during a game, they are all different breeds of players. What has been done to make Dirk an outside and inside threat, Duncan a post playing nightmare, Yao an inside force and Amare a running, gunning basket attacker?
# 16 luv_mist @ 09/05/07 09:54 PM
What is the CAPs limit?

What steps did you guys go into to make the commentary different from this year?

How come the dunk contest and 3pt contest wasn't added to the Association as apart of the All Star Weekend?

Is Chris Duhon's name spoken in this game finally?

What were the ideas when picking the achievements for this title?

If you could improve one thing that you didn't get to tweak before the release, what would that be, assuming that you know it won't get fixed before it goes gold?

Is Michael Jordan a playable character in any form in 2K8 out of the box?

Have you guys addressed the free agency by removing players that have not and will not be playing in the NBA?

Have you guys added some type of NBDL that we could view for depth purposes in our Season/Association?

Are all the salaries up-to-date?

Are there any new features that will work in collaboration with the College Hoops 2K8 game coming out later?

Does hair MOVE in this game on those who have long hair in the league?
# 17 Nkredible @ 09/05/07 10:09 PM
Did you bring back the "face the basket" animation that happens when the player recieves the ball in nba 2k6? Some reason this was lost in 2k7.

Did you guys tone down the double team animation? Seemed like it was too effective in 2k7.

Is isomotion the same button wise?
# 18 TheMax1087 @ 09/05/07 10:22 PM
I know that you have improved on ball defense, but have you also improved defense on players without the ball
# 19 derrickmcc @ 09/05/07 10:24 PM
Are there any new features for the PS2 version?
# 20 blingballa333 @ 09/05/07 10:29 PM
Have you guys added more hairstyles for the CAP mode??? And do all the players with long hair actually have their hair move??? Because everybody with long hair but steve nash didn't move.

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