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Have some questions for the Producers of NBA Live 08? If so, post them here.

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# 1 SHAKYR @ 09/05/07 10:00 PM
1. Are the defensive players good defenders according to their ratings?

2.Will a player with a high blocking rating actually be aggressive on the block?

3. What will the height limit be in Create A Player and are there any changes to the Create A Player mode?
# 2 derrickmcc @ 09/05/07 10:23 PM
Are there any new features for the PS2 version?
# 3 broncos24 @ 09/05/07 10:23 PM
is the game actually good this year?
# 4 blingballa333 @ 09/05/07 10:30 PM
does the game suck??????
# 5 retrohelix @ 09/06/07 12:23 AM
Do teams and players play like there real life counterparts?

Have the animations and footplant been improved
# 6 youvalss @ 09/06/07 04:44 AM
Will Live 08 be different than Live 07 (or 04, or 05, or 06)?
# 7 deadlyartist @ 09/06/07 01:39 PM
Will The PC version be next gen like it should be or will I have to wait till 2kseries comes to pc?
# 8 TreyFury97 @ 09/06/07 02:08 PM
You say there will be no custom teams. Is this a feature that will return next year, as its been a staple of the Madden, NCAA Football, and NHL Games(even NBA Live in the Past), complete with the features such as build your own arena and redesigning uniforms and team names?

- Will there be the ability to fully edit non-user controlled teams (IE if a trade happens during the season, and you're in your dynasty, you can edit it to make it up-to-date)

-Ability to turn off everything IE Salary Cap. I want to make the trades just like the real NBA, but not have to worry about the outside stuff. If that's your thing, great for you, but I don't care about the numbers, just having the rosters be accurate.

-FIBA World Championships: Will there be more than 8 Teams? Acutal FIBA Rules, complete with the trapezoid lane. Will you be able to mix and match FIBA Rules and NBA Rules if you so desire in single games as well as the Dynasty (IE using the Trapezoid in NBA Games & Vice Versa?)

# 9 Steve_OS @ 09/06/07 09:42 PM
Thanks guys, we have plenty. We'll get them answered as soon as possible. Remember, it's up to PR to decide which ones they want to answer.

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