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GameSpot has posted their extended hands-on preview of Skate.
"Skate’s control system is an odd beast. Rather than rely on the left analogue stick to move and each of the eight controller buttons to perform a set mapped function such as grind, grab or flip, the only time you’ll take your thumb off the right stick is to hit either the X or A buttons to push yourself along with either your left or right foot. You’ll only need three full button presses to get up to full speed, so once you’re at full pelt you’ll be back on the stick. Given the control scheme is so different to other skating titles, tutorials are a necessity, and they're your first stop when you hit the asphalt. Initially the Flickit control system can be incredibly daunting, as the right analogue is responsible for all the moves you’re able to perform--a huge departure from hold left, press button, perform trick. Once you’ve followed the basic tutes like learning to ollie, kickflip, and grind you can start tearing it up straight away as there's no need to unlock other tricks to be able to perform them."

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