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  • Ridge Racer 7 3D News
    "Ridge Racer 7 is being reborn as Ridge Racer 7 3D Version. The arcade attraction makes use of a special television that uses filters to make the images come out at players. You have to wear special glasses to see the effect, although different from classic 3D glasses, these look like standard single-colored shades. For bystanders, the game screen looks blurry, like two slightly displaced images overlain."
  • Need for Speed ProStreet Interview
    IGN: "So you want to reflect where street racing is heading, as opposed to giving racing fans a window into the illegal scene."
    Andrew Hahn: "ProStreet is actually our interpretation of where the culture is going to be in the next three to five years. What's happening is that a couple of guys who street race together are pooling their money together and renting a track for the weekend. Some people are actually organising in numbers, putting up a lot of money, renting tracks and putting on these big events where they're putting up big prizes and attracting big name international street racers to come and race at their events. So, like I said, ProStreet is where we think this culture is going. Basically, what we think we've delivered, is the ultimate proving ground. There are no more external factors - it's all about you, your car and your ability to drive that car. You don't have to weave through traffic, you don't have to avoid the cops, it's just you and me mano-a-mano, racing."

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