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What a time to be a gamer huh? There are probably 5 games out right now, that I need to purchase. I won't be getting them all at the same time, but I do know I'm picking up skate tonight!

Can't wait for the Boys vs. Phins on Sunday, I certainly hope they aren't sleeping on them. Surprised Goodell didn't suspend anyone, a 1st rounder is huge, but a suspension would have hammered it down, IMHO.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 09/14/07 08:06 AM
This week sucked for games, but I skipped 2 games I had some interest which made it easier. Picked up NHL 08 and will get skate today. Then nothing until Halo 3 and the following week has 3 games I want, NBA Live, NBA 2K, and PGR 4. UGH!

QOTD - A whole lot of nothing. Gotta mow the lawn, and I'm going to clean up the attic so we can get our Halloween decorations down in a few weeks. For the past 3-4 months, I've just thrown stuff up there with no regard for where it goes. A lot of football this weekend which will be good. And if it doesn't rain tonight, hitting a high school game, two of the top teams in the state are playing 5 mins from my house. Remember the name Bart Tanski, he'll be playing Divison 1 ball somewhere.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 09/14/07 08:11 AM
Now is definitely prime time for games. Besides Halo 3, NBA 2k8, and COD4, I've also added one of the hockey games (haven't decided yet) and possibly Tiger Woods to my wish list.

I agree that Belichick should have been suspended. The Pats already have an extra first round pick from a trade with the 49ers. Keeping a workaholic like Belichick away from coaching would have been the ultimate punishment for him.

QOTD: Busy weekend as usual. Going to our parish festival tonight for some cheap beer and gambling. Touch football game tomorrow and a "game night" at a friend's house (supposedly someone is bring Guitar Hero, which I've never played). Going to the Browns game on Sunday, though I have never been less excited to go to a game in my life. If they get blown out again, it could get ugly in the Dawg Pound. I'm holding out hope that Brady gets to play...
# 3 Pete1210 @ 09/14/07 08:48 AM
I agree - too many games at once. I've got 5 games I am buying in the next 2 months. That's a lot for me. Then there are several more I would be getting if I had more time, but they'll have to wait. At least when I do get to those, they'll be less expensive.

QOTD: The next several weekends will be about my kids and sports. Practices on Saturday, games on Sunday. For Mike's first football game Massapequa is playing East Meadow. EM has a huge running back who's getting a full ride from any number of schools to play college ball. Earlier Sunday is Diana's second soccer game. She's got another good team and won easily last week.
# 4 JohnnytheSkin @ 09/14/07 09:25 AM
QOTD: My son's new preschool has a September birthday celebration in the park on Saturday, so we're going to that. On Sunday get to weed, mow, and fertilize the lawn and "hopefully" catch some football.
# 5 nyisles16 @ 09/14/07 09:36 AM
As far as games go, I picked up both hockeys, but think 2k8 might go back.. having a lot of fun with EA's game right now, both online and off.. I also received some nice news that my rent is going up, so that may cut down on my purchases.. I have Halo 3 lined up right now, but don't know other than that what I will be getting (obviously CoD4 is one though)

QOTD: working both days this weekend... lucky me I hate my job...
# 6 Eton Rifles @ 09/14/07 09:39 AM
Ill be working both Sat. and Sun. It should be busy because there is a big boat show here in Newport. I'll be home on time though for the Pats. vs. SD game. It is must see tv!!!.
# 7 RockyTop1 @ 09/14/07 09:40 AM
QOTD: Not sure what's going on tonight, then watching UF-UT game tmrw at 3:30 and then heading to Nashville after the game is over and then to the Colts-Titans game on Sunday.
# 8 funky_chicken @ 09/14/07 09:50 AM
QOTD - I have a buddy coming over tomorrow to watch the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game. He is from Michigan and I am a Notre Dame fan. Not a big a game this year as in year's past. Other then that relaxing and trying to get better at NHL 2k8.
# 9 SportsAce @ 09/14/07 11:22 AM
QOTD: I'm just going to wait around all day to watch my Huskers get killed tomorrow and hope for an upset of the Colts on Sunday.
# 10 Slymm @ 09/14/07 12:44 PM
What's up with me? Just relaxing this weekend before I start my new job. I got a promotion and will be working with a whole new group of people so that will be interesting. I'm gonna take a few of the kids from my old boys and girls club out to a White Sox game since I'm not going to be seeing them anymore at m new place.
# 11 Acid @ 09/14/07 01:27 PM
QOTD: Math homework/studying for our exam on Monday, going to soccer tonight. Then playing Skate, NHL 08, and the FIFA demo all weekend.
# 12 RobtAndProud @ 09/14/07 03:12 PM
QOTD - Im going to grapefest! Its a wine drinking festival, im gonna be smashed. Also gonna watch football on my new hdtv! woo

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