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# 1 XiaNaphryz @ 09/17/07 07:45 PM
Looks like a CG intro...my initial reaction is "meh." :/

I guess I'm too used to the more anime-ish Japanese intros, including last year's MLB game. Maybe 2K felt the anime intros would put off the traditional baseball gamer? Even then, the CG versions of the models don't look that hot...

Still, I get excited for playing some baseball after watching some of the Japanese intros, I'm not getting the same feeling from this one.

I hope this doesn't mean the game soundtrack gets replaced with some random generic rock crap...

For comparison, here are some of the Japanese game intros. Taken from my Power Pros thread:

Pawapuro 13 intro trailer
Pawapuro 11 intro trailer
Pawapuro 10 intro trailer
Pawapuro 9 intro trailer
Pawapuro OP montage created from the OPs of Pawapuro 8 - 13 (uses Pawapuro 10 OP music)
# 2 Steve_OS @ 09/17/07 07:47 PM
Thanks XiaNaphryz, great info!

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