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Hectic day!

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Based on the demos, which do you prefer? NBA Live 08 or NBA 2K8?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

StoryBook, trist20, golftriber1 (58), StillFunkyB (31), l3R3TT (31), Dukefan22 (27), sven (26), FASJ6418 (25), Skins4Life (22), Wrath2X (22)

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 09/20/07 09:04 AM
QOTD - Live, but I really enjoyed them both. Live was just very refreshing.
# 2 Acid @ 09/20/07 09:22 AM
I'm so excited, it's supposed to rain the next two days.

QOTD: I haven't played either, I'm not sure I'm going to get a basketball game this year.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 09/20/07 09:26 AM
QOTD: 2k8 and it wasn't even close. The graphics looked a little better on Live, but everything else about 2k8 was superior. The AI and all of the "little things" make it a great basketball experience.
# 4 Behindshadows @ 09/20/07 09:26 AM
QOTD - 2k8 Demo was more refreshing....but Live really opened my eyes to second choice....
# 5 Skins4Life @ 09/20/07 09:51 AM
Thanks Steve.

Enjoying my time here in Jacksonville, esp. since my last class got cut 1 hour short
# 6 Pete1210 @ 09/20/07 11:20 AM
I've been planning to get a Wii as Christmas gift for the kids (and me). So I went ahead and I ordered it today. It was in stock on bestbuy.com and I figured it'll just be harder to find as it gets closer to the holidays.

# 7 MachoMyers @ 09/20/07 12:57 PM
QOTD: Too close to call so I'll do what I always do...Wait for College Hoops.
# 8 SportsAce @ 09/20/07 02:32 PM
QOTD: Neither....the only bball game I'll get is College Hoops.
# 9 rockchisler @ 09/20/07 02:52 PM
Very close call I like how Live is shaping up tho, doesnt matter Im getting both....
# 10 SidVish @ 09/20/07 03:16 PM
# 11 ZM Punk @ 09/20/07 03:31 PM
# 12 andybaseball2005 @ 09/20/07 05:50 PM
QOTD: NBA Live 08
# 13 rock85 @ 09/20/07 10:56 PM
I love 2K. But i got to tell you Lives demo i liked it. The demo alone is better than the crap they put out the past few years. Looks like i may get Live as well. And for that K-Mart thing that was very funny

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