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CVG has posted an interview with Sports Interactive boss, Miles Jacobson, as they talk about Football Manager 2008.
CVG: "Each new iteration of Football Manager must throw up its own unique set of challenges. What's been the biggest challenge with 2008 and how hard is it to better what you've done before?"
Miles: "There are always hundreds of ideas floating around the studio, along with the ideas from the community as well, so the biggest challenge "bettering" the game is adding in features that do add to the game, rather than detract from it.

The biggest challenge this year has been improving the match engine even more than last year, which Paul and Ray [Houghton] have succeeded in pretty damn well. The skin has also been a challenge, as there have been quite a few changes based on us watching people playing the game and usability studies, from which we learnt a lot.

There's so much new stuff in the game, or stuff that's been re-written, so testing is a challenge too!"

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