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Not a whole lot going on. 2K PR tells me I should be getting NBA 2K8 sometime this week, can't wait for that.

Attempted to play some Halo 3 last night, but kept getting interrupted by one thing or another, so I just went to bed. LOL.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Did Halo 3 live up to its hype?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

TrazerOne, cockyhoskins (34), Polarbear44 (33), mateen (30), Kaylos (30), jason8ooo (19), Kevin926 (19), Cyros (19), jasoncarter (18)

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 09/26/07 07:53 AM
QOTD - I'm not a Halo fan, I loved the original Halo, hated Halo 2. This one feels more like Halo 1 to me. I played 27 games online last night, I looked at my Bungie stats, I played 113 games of Halo 2 since it came out 4 years ago. So for me, it lived up to it, and exceeded it.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 09/26/07 08:02 AM
What's up with me? Wishing I was playing Halo instead of being at work...

QOTD: These days rarely anything lives up to the hype (except for LeBron coming out of high school), so I don't know if you can say that Halo 3 lived up to the hype. That said, it's definitely a great game. I've only played the multiplayer so far and had a lot of fun. I thought the single player on Halo 2 was kinda boring, but loved the multiplayer (never played Halo).
# 3 psufan @ 09/26/07 09:19 AM
Picked it up last night. I don't think much of anything could have lived up to the hype around this game but it is what I expected it would be. I'm with MassNole because I also suck and don't play much online because of this. I'd play a few rounds of Halo 2 with some of my friends once in awhile and they usually would just get mad and make me quit.
# 4 JohnnytheSkin @ 09/26/07 09:29 AM
QOTD: For multiplayer, yes. I never put a lot of time into 'Halo 2', but last night in a room of OS'ers, trying the modes, it was great fun.

The campaign is boring though...so this great "sci-fi" epic conclusion doesn't describe what I've seen so far. I guess if I read the multitude of tie-in novels, the internet articles, etc then maybe I'd stomach the single player a bit more.

Multiplayer, as expected, is where it's at.
# 5 Behindshadows @ 09/26/07 10:07 AM
QOTD - Nope its a disappointment, the Campaign still doesn't live up to Halo 1. After playing games like Prey, Darkness, Bioshock, and Rainbow Six Vegas...I was expecting alot more.

Multiplayer is nice though, my brother is loving that much. I want to do the four-player campaign online. But won't be able to for a minute.

Overall its a disappointment, and I feel like I got robbed on this Legendary Edition...
# 6 SportsAce @ 09/26/07 11:19 AM
QOTD: Haven't decided yet.
# 7 The GIGGAS @ 09/26/07 11:53 AM
I wouldn't know.
# 8 McLite @ 09/26/07 02:11 PM
I really wasn't up in the whole hype machine...but I love it. I played campaign mode last night with my buddy for 8 straight hours...stopping only for pizza and drinks. Most fun I've had since Halo. I also played Halo 2 a ton online and will probably do the same with Halo 3.

I think the graphics, lighting, and just pure immense size of some of the boards are fantastic. Overall I'm pleased.

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