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  • Lucas Neil AU Interview (PS2)
    IGN AU: "You've been described as having a "never-say-die, determined attitude". Does that flow through to how you play virtual football as well?"
    Lucas Neil: "I think most of the boys have a 'never-say-die' attitude when it comes to representing our club or our country, and sometimes this is also seen on a few faces when we are playing Pro Evo against each other! Everyone likes to win and even though it's virtual football, it's still nice to win!"
  • Need for Speed ProStreet Video (PS3)
  • FIFA 08 Next Gen Producer Blog - Player Ratings (Blog)
    "In addition, a lot of player transfers happen during the first transfer window which is right when we are finalising our game so our database researchers work round the clock during this period to make sure we capture every move. Last year in FIFA 07 we provided two downloadable database updates: one in September and another one in February, following the closure of the transfer windows."
  • Race Driver: Create & Race Screenshots (DS)
  • WWE! SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 Screenshots (DS)
  • NFL Tour Videos (360)
  • WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 Videos (PS2)
  • WWE SmackDown Countdown 2007: The Sandman (PS3)
    "The Extreme Icon arrived in Eastern Championship Wrestling in 1992, and -- after a stint as a surfer -- became the beer swiggin', cane-swingin' maniac fans in the ECW Arena came to love."

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