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2K Sports invited us to try College Hoops 2K8 here in Washington, D.C. Find out what Aaron Holbert had to say about the game.
"The version I played was 60% version so a large majority of the features like Legacy mode were not available. First, every major gameplay feature found in NBA 2K8 is in College Hoops 2k8. Off Ball Control? Check. On Court Play Diagrams? Check. On the fly subs and coaching options? Yes. Anthony Chau, PR Guru from 2K Sports, stated that the reason why most people feel that the College Hoops series is better than the NBA series is because the College Hoops series takes all of the good things from that year’s NBA version and adds on to them. The first addition is the 6th Man Advantage and it has me a little worried. The 6th Man Advantage works like this: as the home team goes on a run, the crowd will start to get louder and the a meter found at the bottom of the screen will fill up. Once it fills up and turns red, the home team will get an energy boost and it will fatigue slower than normal. This feature can be countered by calling timeouts but I worry that it may be too effective. I did notice that if the other team scores a few baskets, the meter will drop pretty quickly. Other additions include the new defensive and full court press animations."

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