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We have just posted our NHL 2K8 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"When the NHL came back from the lockout that very well could have delivered the death blow to the struggling league, they decided to open up the action on the ice in hopes of capturing the attention of the typical A.D.D. sports fan. Through a series of new rule changes and long overdue enforcement of others, the league is attempting to take hockey off of the boards and out of the hands of the grinders and give it to the high flying skilled players. Wide open ice with room to move, long passes, breakaways, even shootouts were all brought into the NHL arenas all over North America trying to win back the affection of the fans that they had lost, and to attract a new generation of followers.

While many will argue that the changes were a necessary move to compete for the attention of the modern sports fan, some hockey purists will tell you that the old product wasn’t broken and any attempts to fix it were just change for the sake of change."

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