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(Producer) Da Czar and (Director) MomentousCeltic, featuring the lovely Lady Czar "It's Like That".

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# 1 RockyTop1 @ 09/29/07 11:31 AM
Top notch work as always. Well done
# 2 Acid @ 09/29/07 11:38 AM
That's hot.

Now I'm thinking about buying 2k8 at release.

My wallet hates both of you.
# 3 Beantown @ 09/29/07 11:40 AM
Damn that was nice.
# 4 KaptnKirk12 @ 09/29/07 11:42 AM
Great vid.

Never seen a player lower his head and dribble past his defender. (Williams)

Kobe is sick.

AI looked just like himself out there.

I can't wait.
# 5 xrams @ 09/29/07 11:46 AM
As a totally impartial observer... this production is much much more compelling to watch than the other 4 or 5 (2k8) clips I saw in this section just the other day.... I know Da Czar and or MomentousCeltic maynot have a business address... but, just b/c your product is produced by a marketing firm with a resume... doesn't mean they're automatically effective....I'm not a rabid B-ball fan as most are that will buy 2K8... but just my reaction to the previous (official 2K8) video productions, which was basically "ok so this is their new campaign"...?!?!?

And then just now...!!!! Damn...!!! my eyes are fixed on the screen... and I saying to myself "I would love to play this game"...!!!

I don't see what the problem would be with using virtual unknowns to do product a national 2K8 commercial...???

PS.... Great Job guys...!!!!
# 6 elsaic15 @ 09/29/07 12:00 PM
why wont this play for me wtf. it jus keeps jumping to the end and wont play
# 7 TheBadazz @ 09/29/07 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by RockyTop1
Top notch work as always. Well done

You said it!
# 8 RanRon @ 09/29/07 01:06 PM
Loved it and Hated it.

Loved- Everything in the video
Hated-The fact that I wont have the game until Tuesday.

Great Video!!!!
# 9 blingballa333 @ 09/29/07 01:16 PM
Thanks man, great vid!!!
# 10 Moses Shuttlesworth @ 09/29/07 01:24 PM
# 11 rockchisler @ 09/29/07 02:04 PM
Thats just ridiculous..............................OCT 2nd..hurry up
# 12 Muzyk23 @ 09/29/07 02:30 PM
Damn..can't wait to play with AI. Great, great job!
# 13 Supa @ 09/29/07 03:35 PM
Real fresh..
# 14 CMH @ 09/29/07 06:04 PM
# 15 burnwood @ 09/29/07 07:00 PM
Momentous as usual.
# 16 DiceMan @ 09/29/07 09:17 PM
Awesome job guys!!!!!
# 17 emc12 @ 09/30/07 01:00 AM
man that song was tight as was that video momentous best 2k video maker out there
# 18 bigdunks4eva @ 09/30/07 05:00 AM
2k HAS to make this one of their commercials. it would be much more effective than their usual crap commercials. just break off a little to the parties involved. that was amazing.
# 19 elicoleman @ 09/30/07 05:14 AM
Wow, this makes me hate not having any extra funds to buy this game.
# 20 DaveDQ @ 09/30/07 08:15 AM
Very impressive. Great job!

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