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Played quite a few games of NBA 2K8 last night, am I the only one having stuttering problems? Seems every once and a while, I get a framerate loss, during actual gameplay. Odd. Other than that, I'm enjoying the game a lot more than NBA Live 08. Love the new animations, although I'm seeing some strange ones as well. The play art is very cool and the AI plays harder this year, for sure. Love how they utilize the pump fake

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: So... You've played both by now, which is the better game, NBA Live 08 or NBA 2K8?

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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 10/03/07 07:41 AM
I had a flat tire when I left work yesterday. Luckily, it had enough air that I got to a gas station, filled it up, then drove to a service center a couple of blocks from our house. I had to get a new tire, so I was out about a $100.
Good news from yesterday was that I was able to buy 4 tickets for Game 2 (or 4) of the ALCS, assuming the Tribe gets there.

QOTD: Haven't played the full game of either yet. I'm going with 2k8 whenever I decide to get a basketball game.
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 10/03/07 07:41 AM
I didn't even bother with NBA Live. I got 2K early, it's all I needed. I haven't had any framerate loss or stuttering though. Game is incredible.
# 3 Pete1210 @ 10/03/07 07:47 AM
QOTD: I only bought one NBA game and that's 2K8.
# 4 MachoMyers @ 10/03/07 07:55 AM
QOTD: People actually play NBA Live? I just remember how awesome the '95 and '96 versions were.

I'm picking my copy of 2k8 up tomorrow, no rush since I'm still a week or two away from receiving a "new" 360 from Microsoft.
# 5 Behindshadows @ 10/03/07 09:04 AM
QOTD - NBA 2k8, but Live is close though....I'm impressed with EA...
# 6 SidVish @ 10/03/07 09:05 AM
QOTD: I had no reason to try Live because 2k comes a lot closer to representing an actual NBA game. In the end it has almost everything that I could wish for in an NBA game. I'm very happy to say the least with NBA 2k8.
# 7 SportsAce @ 10/03/07 11:19 AM
QOTD: I don't care much for the NBA so the only bball game I'll get this year is College Hoops.

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