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  • Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Australian Content (360)
    "The first taste of Australia that gamers will get is when they come to customising their car. The game allows you to customise your number plate and amongst the number plate country choices is Australia. This means the car you've customised can feature a New South Wales numberplate."
  • Rockstart Games Presents Table Tennis Preview (Wii)
    "Beginning with the simplest control option, Wii Remote only, we were initially thrown off by how different the game is to Wii Tennis.The biggest difference is that the game simply doesn't use the motion control in the same way. Instead of taking a realistic swing, you have to flick the Remote with a wrist motion in a set direction either up, down, right, left or any combination in between, while still having the front of the Remote basically still facing forward."

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