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Killer Betties have posted an interview with Rob Jones, Mike Wang, and Erick Boenisch, as they talk about NBA 2K8.
"Continuing on the topic of animation, Mike next discussed the new foot planting system and how speed and motion will be adjusted to accordingly while playing the game, making actual movements more realistic so players can't simply keep cutting to the basket and turning unrealistically on a dime with no carryover. "2K7 I went back and replayed the game, and I didn't realize how jerky it was and how you could stop on a dime and do 180s and 360s on the controller. The new system this year really allows us to take weight and momentum into the factor this year, and guys who are going to go full speed and try to jack it in a completely different direction…they are going to really feel that this year and it's going to feel a bit more like steering a boat instead of players just cutting constantly, so it makes the moves look a lot better. It takes a little time to get used to, but it feels right and feels more like basketball."

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