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GameTap has posted an interview with Phil Frazier, Assistant Producer/Designer of NFL Tour.
GameTap: "Is NFL Tour just the latest game in the NFL Street series, or does the change in name bring a change to the game as well?"
Phil Frazier: "When we were starting to look at concepts for NFL Tour, we just got to the point where we said, "Let's start over again." We didn't want to be forced to place our game in Street land and deal with certain expectations that Street fans demand. We wanted to make something unique and interesting that's based on a concept we felt would be somewhat realistic. It's a game based on an NFL off-season tour, where fans and athletes get to compete against their favorite NFL heroes and rivals on the field. We thought this was an interesting spin to take, and it allows us to do some cool things visually in the game, as we're not forced to play in arenas or a factory or anything like that. You're playing in these really cool concert arenas that are custom built in each city. We just thought it was an interesting spin coming from Street and moving to next gen."

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