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360Monster has posted a Q&A session with Ben Ward, Community & Web Lead for the upcoming Xbox 360 racer, Project Gotham Racing 4.
360Monster: "There is always talk of the give-and-take relationship between PGR and Forza. How close do you actually work with each other, what did you admire about Forza 2 and what shared technology are you pushing forward in PGR4?"
Ben Ward: "Actually there’s not a vast amount of shared work between Bizarre Creations and Turn 10 (the developers of Forza). They’ve used quite a bit of PGR3 tech in Forza 2, and we did send one of our more experienced coders over to help out when they were writing their streamer. Our audio teams also share samples and various recordings every so often, usually because it’s easier for us to pop over to the continent to record some super-rare sports car than it is for the Turn 10 guys to get over here (and vice versa of course!)."

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