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Seriously, wow. I'm still in shock over the Cowboys win last night. I couldn't get to sleep. Romo played his worst game ever and they still somehow won the game. Another cracked remote and 2 bumps in my ceiling from jumping on the winning field goal...Twice...Unreal. Bring on the Pats! ugh. That game could be ugly...

DirecTV is coming today with a shiny new dish. More HD channels baby!

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: So...The timeout thing...You know, calling timeout...just before the field goal...Good or bad?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 10/09/07 08:20 AM
QOTD - WORST RULE EVER. I hate it with a passion. I hate the Cowboys, but once Buffalo called the TO as the ball was snapped, I immediately wanted Buffalo to lose. Just can't stand that rule. If a player calls it, fine, but a coach should not be allowed to stand next to a ref and make the TO call as the ball is being snapped. Ridiculous.

Dallas was the first team to overcome it this year, both Oakland and Cleveland had the first FG go through good, and then miss the re-try. TERRIBLE RULE
# 2 boomhauertjs @ 10/09/07 08:25 AM
Tribe baby!! Taking out the Evil Empire! Didn't think Byrd could do it, but he minimized the damage when runners got on base. Bring on the Red Sox!

QOTD: Hate the rule, mainly because the Browns would 3-2 if it wasn't in effect.
# 3 pb4201 @ 10/09/07 08:43 AM
It's a horrible and stupid rule.

How the Bills lost that game is beyond me?

All the Bills had to do was run and kick the field goal to go up 27-16 but instead the rookie throws an interception. Another coach (see Billick) who thinks he's smarter than he really is!
# 4 Steve_OS @ 10/09/07 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by MassNole
Shouldn't this be Tuesday morning news?

QOTD: A timeout before a kick should be an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, as it is the definition of unsportsmanlike conduct.
Oops, feels like a Monday, heh.
# 5 Behindshadows @ 10/09/07 08:55 AM
QOTD - Bad....because, its used as a strategy to get them to miss. Well I think its crap for games that are limited in seconds.

Da' Boys still pulled it off, since the refs and Buffalo tried to cheat them at the last second. After coming back hard with that onside kick...

God don't like ugly..even though that game was super ugly....and he doesn't like cheaters, thats why Buffalo lost....

# 6 luv_mist @ 10/09/07 09:20 AM
Um, I'm hurt by that story about the 10-year-old jumping out the window. I finally called my grandmother which is good. My grandfather isn't doing too well. Praying for him. Planning on saving up money to head up to Canada during Thanksgiving. Need to get the car fixed. This marriage thing is a piece of cake when both parties are on the same level. Oh, and I'm hella happy the Bears won Sunday. Feel bad for Farve but great for our new QB. Also, I'm ready to see Where Amazing Happen. Bulls play tonight. Though it's preseason, I'm still rooting for the win. Great start to a great week so far.
# 7 Pete1210 @ 10/09/07 11:48 AM
# 8 Cletus @ 10/09/07 11:52 AM
I think it's a terrible rule, then again it seems like the NFL is doing everything possible to make football not watchable.
# 9 garnettrules21 @ 10/09/07 12:33 PM
QOTD - Even my gf thought it was ridiculous. I'm glad he made both straight down the pipe though. Shoved it right in their faces.
# 10 McLite @ 10/09/07 05:02 PM
I hate the rule. So far it's been used 3 times, or so I believe, this season and each one of them is crap. It should be removed before the end of the season.

Can you imagine if they would do it in the Super Bowl or a big playoff game and he makes the first one and misses the second.
# 11 Skyboxer @ 10/09/07 07:03 PM
QOTD: I just don't get the problem with this. It's not a rule. It's just a timeout. What are going to say? No timeouts under 1 minute left in each half or just no timeouts before a kick? Either way I don't understand why it's so bad. Even though it's "Cool" now to do, it's always been around and not something new. I think before we start eliminating TO's we get back to making QB's football players.
# 12 sbmnky @ 10/09/07 09:42 PM
QOTD: This getting overblown - the TO by the coach prior to the snap is great because it adds more strategy to the end of close games - imagine the outcry when a kicker misses a game-winning FG and claims, " I thought the opposing coach was going to call a TO. I was expecting a whistle to blow after the snap, but it never happened. I lost my concentration."

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