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Just working a few hours this morning, then heading home to wait for the DirecTV guys. Hopefully they show up on time, unlike the last time. Things happen, what can ya do, I just hope they fix my problems.

This short week certainly flew by, guess it doesn't hurt to have Monday off. Go ahead and root for the Cowboys this weekend for me.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 10/12/07 07:13 AM
What up!

QOTD - Watching the Indians, Browns, and Buckeyes all win Maybe a little yard work, I have all our outdoor Halloween decorations up, my wife wanted a corn stalk, so we got that last night and it's next to our flag pole.
# 2 RockyTop1 @ 10/12/07 07:15 AM
QOTD: Hopefully watching the Red Sox go up 2-0, then I have a best ball golf tourney tomorrow and then I'll catch the end of the UT game. Other than that, that's all I have planned. Lots of GMAT class homework to do. Oh how I've missed homework
# 3 sbmnky @ 10/12/07 07:18 AM
QOTD: Mostly work this weekend with football watchin on Sunday - might try to actually win some $$ this weekend. Also take some batting practice for my tourney next week in Arizona - can't wait.
# 4 aukevin @ 10/12/07 07:20 AM
QOTD: Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to the annual Dog Day Festival in Nashville. It is usually a fun little afternoon. I will be home in time to see Auburn beat Arkansas on ESPN tomorrow night. Sunday I'm just going to chill, play a little Skate, and watch the NFL games.
# 5 boomhauertjs @ 10/12/07 07:38 AM
QOTD: Fifth and final (hooray!) wedding of the year on Saturday. I'm in the wedding so I'll be at the rehearsal dinner tonight when the Tribe game starts. My friend's dad is a huge Indians fan, so I'm sure TV's will be available tonight and at the wedding.
# 6 MachoMyers @ 10/12/07 07:42 AM
QOTD: Baseball, football, and gaming.

And, oh yeah, I'm running in the Toronto Marathon on Sunday. Should be awesome.
# 7 Behindshadows @ 10/12/07 08:02 AM
QOTD - Catching up on some gaming....and watching a few CF games on Saturday and NFL on Sunday Cowboys - Patriots...can't wait...
# 8 JohnnytheSkin @ 10/12/07 09:27 AM
QOTD: Trying again to kick this head cold...it's been nagging for a week now, as well as afflicting my wife and son.
# 9 nyisles16 @ 10/12/07 09:35 AM
QOTD... just relax.. oh wait, my bad.. WORKING yes, I am working a six day work week for no reason (covering on monday cause someone is "training" which is complete bunk - lots of issues going on now with my job)...

thank god in about a week and a half I'll be on some vaca
# 10 Acid @ 10/12/07 10:00 AM
QOTD: Soccer tonight, math homework at some point, college football, and FIFA 08.
# 11 RoyalBoyle14 @ 10/12/07 10:53 AM
QOTD: At work as I type, Tomorrow I will get my daughter and then me my girl and her two kids will do some famliy thing over the weekend, all 3 kids are 5, so feel me on that.Then I will catch up on gaming, maybe pick up Halo this weekend.
# 12 SportsAce @ 10/12/07 11:04 AM
QOTD: Head down to the Husker game to watch the Black-hole defense, watch the D'backs lose to the Rockies again, and watch the Titans beat the Bucs' on Sunday....along with some gaming of course.
# 13 georgiandben @ 10/12/07 02:25 PM
QOTD: Heading to Bloomington for IU's Midnight Madness tonight, should be a blast. Then tomorrow night I'm getting together with some buddies to play XBOX.
# 14 Pete1210 @ 10/12/07 05:54 PM
QOTD: Quiet weekend. Just the kids sports games on Saturday and Sunday. Then Sunday afternoon my wife wants to go to a Fall Apple Festival.

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