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  • Can Moore "just do it" for EA Sports (Multi)
    "Moore brings a certain enthusiasm as well as a fresh eye to a brand that has major clout, which at the same time has been underutilized."
  • PES 2008 Wii Interview (Wii)
    CVG: "We've only seen the game in the training mode, don't you think controlling several players at the same time in a real game could prove difficult?"
    Akiyoshi 'Greyhound' Chosogabe: " But it's not so difficult to use this control scheme in an actual match. I think players will easily get used to this control method, but I wanted to show the simple method and training is the easiest way to show this."
  • Mario & Sonic Screenshots (Wii)
    "They remind us a bit of sports day at school. They remind us of how bad we were in front of our friends, parents, teachers and potential crushes. They remind us why we never pursued sports after school. The embarrassment and humiliation."
  • PES Wii: Classic Control denied... (Wii)
    " During the course of our extremely interesting natter we quizzed Greyhound on the possible online component of the game, the hardcore versus casual emphasis and even whether we'd be able to strap a Wii-mote onto our boots (which they actually did try initially)."

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