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Well, I've found out from the insurance company the damages, expenses, etc. It's actually not that bad, but the tickets and fines that will occur on the court date will be.

Like my new avatar? What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

bigdaddy32 (36), ddonnelly19 (33), Azubuike24 (24), TruBalla11 (23), TheLetterZ (21), Novoa (21)

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 10/19/07 07:34 AM
Love the new logo man!

QOTD - Tonight going to a high school football game, tomorrow going out for Sweetest day/our 6th wedding anniversary, and then Sunday, going hunting for pumkins with my nieces.
# 2 RockyTop1 @ 10/19/07 07:52 AM
QOTD from yesterday: Josh Beckett

QOTD for today: Leaving work at 2 and heading to Tuscaloosa for the Tennessee-Bama game. Can't wait.
# 3 Behindshadows @ 10/19/07 08:03 AM
QOTD - Play some games over the weekend, get more achievements...

Watch some College FB on Saturday, and going to the Cowboys / Vikings game on Sunday...
# 4 boomhauertjs @ 10/19/07 08:03 AM
I hate Josh Beckett.

QOTD: Busy weekend once again. Going to see "Across the Universe" tonight, then heading to a bar for a friend's birthday. Tomorrow have a touch football game and the first of two Halloween parties (another next Saturday). The stupid thing is that both parties are with the same group of friends. I am recycling an old costume for this one and will be watching Game 6 most of the party anyway.
Sunday, working around the house during the Browns bye week.
# 5 Pete1210 @ 10/19/07 08:28 AM
I like the logo.

QOTD: Saturday helping my Dad in the morning switch out his cable box with a new one with a DVR. Saturday afternoon going to my son's football game. Sunday is my daughter's soccer game.
# 6 MachoMyers @ 10/19/07 08:54 AM
First weekend in a while to relax. Gonna watch baseball, football, and play some vids.
# 7 nyisles16 @ 10/19/07 09:47 AM
Like it Steve!

QOTD: Working as usual, but counting down the days to my vacation which starts Monday
# 8 Acid @ 10/19/07 10:42 AM
Logo looks sweet.

QOTD: I'm going to the Cal/UCLA game on Saturday, I'm expecting Karl Dorrell to mess up again.
# 9 funky_chicken @ 10/19/07 10:50 AM
QOTD - I am going to a pancake breakfast with a friend of mine tomorrow morning. It's a fundraiser for his daughter's youth choir. I will then spend the rest of the day enjoying my first Saturday with HD and I can't wait. Sunday I have to work and then come home and watched the Bears game I record.
# 10 Cletus @ 10/19/07 12:04 PM
Working and then watching as much local hockey as I can at Grapevine Mills. I helped start a fan club for a local team of firefighters, police officers and other public service peeps so I have to get ideas, chants, airhorns this weekend as well.
# 11 The GIGGAS @ 10/19/07 04:07 PM
I have had so little sleep this week.
# 12 SportsAce @ 10/19/07 04:43 PM
QOTD: Head back down to Lincoln tomorrow for the Husker game and watch the Titans on Sunday.

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