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Check out the following Wii Love Golf updates:
  • Interview @ IGN
    IGN: "Are you going to include classic Capcom characters in We Love Golf - rather like Camelot did with the Mario Golf series?"
    Hironobu Take****a: "When Camelot was making the Mario Golf games with Nintendo, they were using Nintendo characters and there were certain things they could and could not do. There were restrictions when using Nintendo characters. However, when working with Capcom those kinds of restrictions aren't in place. But we want to create something different to Mario Golf and we are concentrating more on the experience of playing golf, so Camelot is concentrating on human characters. Of course, this being a Capcom game, we do want to put something in for Capcom fans - but that's a secret right now."
  • Screenshots @ IGN
  • Video Clips @ IGN
  • Preview @ 1UP
    "What makes We Love Golf an original offering is the new swing system, which uses both a meter and the motion controls of the Wii Remote to drive the ball, apply spin, and perform draw and fade shots. While the inclusion of the meter seems a bit unnecessarily complicated at first, hitting a solid shot requires little effort, as marginal timing issues don't seem to significantly affect drives for the green. Longer putts may be another issue entirely, though."

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