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We have just posted our Project Gotham Racing 4 review. Find out what Terry Crouch had to say about it.
"In 2005, the XBox 360 launched with one of my most highly anticipated titles: Project Gotham Racing 3. In the days that followed, I felt myself somewhat underwhelmed with the titleómostly because the progression through the game was so similar to previous PGRís, and the development team had made the decision to focus entirely on supercars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. It was the first PGR that I didnít drive all the way to completion, as my interest faded the further I got through the challenges.

Fast forward to 2007. Project Gotham Racing 4 arrives, and I had almost no clue that it had an impending release. I had caught word of the title through a message board post here and there, but really had no expectations for the game at all. Something about motorcycles and a different career progressionÖnothing really got my interest piqued. Suddenly it was release day, and I contemplated passing on what was once a marquee racing franchise for me, dating back to Metropolis Street Racer on the Sega Dreamcast. I decided to give developer Bizarre Creations one last try, if for no other reason than Project Gotham Racing 2 was probably the game I played on XBox Live more than any other on the original XBox. Was it worth it? Hell yes, it was."

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# 1 forensicd @ 10/23/07 12:34 PM
Great review, and i agree totally with it. I was a little upset with PGR3 as it didnt have the staying power of the other games in the series, but this one seems to, especially with the lower class cars and classic open wheel style racers. I too didnt realize it was coming out, and i was on the wall, but this game is great, so give it a chance.
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 10/23/07 01:20 PM
Great review!

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