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The basketball season starts tonight, as I play my first game with the new team. Should be interesting, because I hear we SUCK. LOL. Wish us luck.

A blowout in Game #1 of the World Series. Hopefully the Rockies can make a series out of this and not get swept. It's only one game, but jeez. It's gonna be tough against Schilling.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Which system gets the most playing time in your household?

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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 10/25/07 08:52 AM
Good luck Steve.

I'm coaching the middle school boys basketball team at my wife's school. I'm meeting with the players and their parents tonight. Practice starts next week, 3 nights a week. Combined with my usual pickup games twice a week, I'm going to be lucky to have time for video gaming.

Picked up NBA 2k8 last night. Played a couple of games. Like what I've seen so far. Just need to find some time to really get into it...

Last night's WS game showed the disparity between the AL and NL. I expect a Red Sox sweep and even more reason for Tribe fans to feel heartbroken.

QOTD: 360 only at this point. I'm trying to sell my old Xbox on Craigslist. My Gamecube and N64 are dust collectors.
# 2 RockyTop1 @ 10/25/07 09:00 AM
QOTD: 360. PS3 only gets turned on for movies. I don't even own a game for it right now.
# 3 aukevin @ 10/25/07 09:19 AM
QOTD: The PS3 even though I only have two games, NCAA and Skate. But the Wii gets plenty of play time as well.
# 4 The GIGGAS @ 10/25/07 09:21 AM
360. Haven't touched the Wii in god knows how long.

Got a database quiz in 10 minutes. Physics is also on my schedule for today (lecture and lab). Then I've got to finish a program for Procedural Analysis and then watch the Tech game.
# 5 Pete1210 @ 10/25/07 09:24 AM
QOTD: Mostly 360, with old xbox and PC not far behind. I mostly use the 360. My son plays a little on the 360, but he has a lot of games he plays on the old xbox. My daughter lately is only playing on the PC with Sims2.
# 6 Behindshadows @ 10/25/07 09:39 AM
QOTD - 360, my PS3 is still collecting dust.
# 7 RobtAndProud @ 10/25/07 11:02 AM
Qotd: 360!

I Just got 2k8 yesterday, felt like I was really playing with manu.

Oh and boom, I got home late so sorry I didn't get to play you.
# 8 SidVish @ 10/25/07 12:13 PM
QOTD: PS3. I've got The Darkness, Oblivion, The Show, NCAA, and NBA 2k8 in the rotation. I just wish I had more time to play them all.
# 9 MachoMyers @ 10/25/07 12:25 PM
QOTD: Now that I have my 360 back from repairs its all I play. Orange Box, Halo 3, NBA 2k8, and APF 2k8.

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