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Do you have any questions for the Producers of College Hoops 2K8? If so, post them here and we'll get them answered as soon as possible.

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# 1 tgray225 @ 10/29/07 10:20 PM
Is create a recruit in this years game?
# 2 KaptnKirk12 @ 10/29/07 10:24 PM
-Why haven't we got any new game mode features...like that of the "Superstar" mode in the NCAA/Madden games? (something like this would add some much replay value, also a refreshing game mode from Legacy)

-Any information on the new recruiting aspects. Are we going to be able to tell players they will start if they come? If we bench a "star" will they transfer? Basically is there a moral based system like NBA 2k8?

-CAP mode...any new feautres?
# 3 Ghayghay @ 10/29/07 11:07 PM
1. Has the incoming recruit and player progression been tweaked from last year's game? Recruiting class were always very very deep and player progressed at a very high, constant and predictable pace. This resulted in many 95+ rated teams within 5 years of legacy...

2. What will be different about recruiting?
# 4 SHAKYR @ 10/30/07 12:30 AM
Is create a school still a part of this game and has it been expanded on?
# 5 bonannogiovanni @ 10/30/07 04:03 AM
Is CH tonite still in the game, and has it been enhanced?
# 6 grismosw @ 10/30/07 04:18 AM
Has the sim engine been adjusted for more realistic results? ie - average scores for simmed games last year were 50-60 pts.

Has the confidence system been toned down? ie - confidence was too big of a factor, too many players were 73 OVR but with full confidence ended up at 85+ OVR.
# 7 mercer99 @ 10/30/07 07:14 AM
will you be able to do more that just phone players overseas.
# 8 THEBLUEDAWG1914 @ 10/30/07 09:19 AM
Originally Posted by SHAKYR
Is create a school still a part of this game and has it been expanded on?
I definetly hope so, we should be able to customize the Uniforms more as well as add something to the front of the Jersey's to keep them from looking so plain.
# 9 ehh @ 10/30/07 10:03 AM
The sim engine is also my biggest question. Hopefully it is much improved.
# 10 rqs_007 @ 10/30/07 11:17 AM
Will the game keep up with NCAA, Tournament, Conference, and Team All-Time Records?
# 11 pb4201 @ 10/30/07 11:45 AM
Why arent in-game saves ever added to 2K sports titles when we asked for them every year?
# 12 Spin @ 10/30/07 11:58 AM
Is coach mode in? If so, is it similar to nba 2k8 as far as allowing the user the option of pressing X to make his team shoot the ball?
# 13 ZoneBlitz @ 10/30/07 01:18 PM
Has create-a-team been improved so that I can design how the uniform looks (i.e. what colors go well, logo placement, etc...)?

# 14 Bberilam @ 10/30/07 03:13 PM
In the past the MVC has been very cautiously rated at mid-major levels along with a big clump of other mediocore / 1 bid conferences... are there any changes to the way teams (and in turn conferences) were rated this year? Or should we expect the same thing?
# 15 BubbleFour @ 10/30/07 03:23 PM
  • Have Conference divisions been added (i.e. SEC East & West, MAC East & West, etc.)? This would ensure that rivalries like Tennessee & Kentucky would occur twice per season in a legacy.
  • Often with the 360, the audio would not be heard on the weekly highlight show. This also happened less frequently with the Tourney selection show. Have these audio problems been fixed?
  • After playing 2k7 for nearly a year now (and well over 300+ games), I accidentally learned how to call for the intentional foul at the end of a game on the 360. Any chance that there will be better documentation or help files that address each target console?
# 16 sikivu @ 10/30/07 04:40 PM
Can it be implemented so we can choose our opponents uniform in legacy mode?
# 17 LingeringRegime @ 10/30/07 04:52 PM
Are there classic teams included this year? If so, are the teams the same, or are there more included this time?

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