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TVG has posted a Q&A feature with producer Joe Nickolls about the game FIFA Street 3.
TVG: "A new element for this year's game is that you've used the NBA Street: Homecourt engine. How's that benefitted this year's game? "
Joe Nickolls: "What that bought us basically is: a Volkswagen and an Audi both come on the same platform, it's what you put on them, right? So, it's the same chassis, it's just what you build on it. Essentially, we took the chassis from NBA Homecourt, which gets us 60 frames a second right away making it a very efficient rendering engine, and then we put the FIFA AI into it. We didn't put all of the FIFA AI into it, because the FIFA AI engine has offsides, corners, set-plays and penalties - you don't put that stuff in FIFA Street so you don't need the engine to be worrying about those sorts of things. So, we took the things that matter the most and we put them in."

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