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  • NCAA March Madness 08 Hands On Preview (360)
    "Aside from the new low-post abilities (though even those have been seen in other games prior) there really isn't a whole lot that's new and unique to March Madness 08. The fluidity of the game was still lacking a bit, but we're hoping that will be remedied by the time the game ships. The speed of the game should also be ratcheted up a notch before December 18 hits, as it stands things just don't move as quickly as a real collegiate game. Again, our build wasn't complete so we'll have to wait the remaining month to see if the issues that we have with March Madness get ironed out. If they do, EA Sports could have another championship, baby! Hard to believe I almost made it through an entire college basketball preview without a Dicky V reference, isn't it?"
  • NCAA March Madness 08 Video Clips (360)
  • WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 - SmackDown Countdown 2007: Rick Rude (PS3)
    "What is there to say about Rick Rude that the Ravishing One hasn't already said about himself? Born in Minnesota and schooled with the likes of Mr. Perfect and Nikita Koloff, Rude went onto wrestling stardom as he performed in NWA, Georgia Championship Wrestling, WCW and the WWE -- where he made a name at the conceited heel who loved himself as much as he loved winning."
  • WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008 Video Clips (PS3)

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