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Check it out, over at 1up.
"On Tuesday, a former EA Chicago employee who wished to be kept anonymous contacted 1UP about the closing and explain his heartbreak. "I just got home from being laid off. It was a heart breaking day at the studio today, as this news came out of left field entirely," they said. "I've read a lot of the comments made on many sites about the closure by ignorant people spouting happiness that an EA studio had closed and that it's just business and all that. It's really very difficult to read so of those comments because I knew everyone at the studio and how dedicated to their craft that they were."

In Gibeau's memo, he cited the low chance of short term profitability as an overarching reason for shutting down EA Chicago. Our source claims the company simply had impractical expectations. "I believe we were never given a fair shake. Fight Night was a huge success," he said, but "Def Jam was another story. The estimates for Def Jam's sales were extremely unrealistic for the game. Even if it had done well it would have never hit the unrealistic goals and projections that the marketing department made."

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