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How bout dem Cowboys? Sure the Packers didn't have Woodson and KGB, but don't give me the Favre crap. The Boys had Favre out of his game, he looked confused. I thought Rodgers played very well and I was getting a little nervous when they cut it to 3. The Boys can score sure, but they have a hard time stopping the pass. I predicted 34-27 in yesterday's post BTW.

I have so much cleaning up to do this weekend, it's not even funny. Not to mention a bunch of leaves that are scattered around the yard, yelling at me.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?
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# 1 racerx @ 11/30/07 09:18 AM
QOTD...Leaves, leaves and more leaves will be getting my attention this weekend and then on Sunday we have our awards ceremony for our youth football team.
# 2 nyisles16 @ 11/30/07 09:20 AM
Well, glad to see my prediction turned out wrong

QOTD- Work today and tomorrow.. then have a three day weekend starting Sunday (supposed to go and cut down a xmas tree on Sunday, but that may be cancelled due to weather)
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 11/30/07 09:34 AM
QOTD: The wife is dragging me to a concert for a small indie band (the Bears) that a group of our friends like. It's only $5, but I really don't enjoy concerts when I don't know any of the bands' songs.
My parents are getting a new desktop this week, so I'll probably go over this weekend to help set it up. My dad refuses to upgrade from dial-up, so registering, downloading, etc. will probably be a pain.
Watching the Cavs and Browns on Sunday. Leaves are in abundance in the yard, but I doubt I'll get to them this weekend.
# 4 ExtremeGamer @ 11/30/07 09:39 AM
QOTD - I did my yard's leaves last week, glad I did since we're supposed to get rain most of the weekend and snow next week. I have our lights up on my house, but the decorations aren't up outside yet. I would like to get that done tonight when I get home. We have 2 Xmas trees, one is completely finished, the other one (of course the one in the front window) needs half of it's ornaments still, so I'll get to that tonight as well.

Tomorrow watching Mentor play for the Ohio Divison 1 State Football Championship on Sportstime Ohio. WOO HOO!
# 5 RockyTop1 @ 11/30/07 09:41 AM
QOTD: SEC Championship Game
# 6 Acid @ 11/30/07 01:58 PM

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Am I the only one seeing this?
# 7 Steve_OS @ 11/30/07 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by Acid
Am I the only one seeing this?
Yeah, we are working on the new site. Coming Jan 1. 08.

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