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Check out the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 vs. FIFA 08 article over at Videogamer.

"Gamers have been arguing over PES and FIFA across playgrounds, parks and pubs throughout the UK for almost as long as we can remember. FIFA is for less hardcore gamers, it has all the licenses, the better commentary, the gorgeous graphics and the arcadey gameplay. PES, on the other hand, is a true simulation, focusing on slow, considered gameplay over presentation. Now, in the first of a new exclusive regular series, we pit the two footballing heavyweights against each other in VideoGamer.com's VS."
What do you think?

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# 1 demencia_total @ 11/30/07 08:17 PM
Pretty dead on. FIFA will probably always win in the areas of presentation (graphics, music, commentary, etc), but gameplay goes to PES as always. And I don't think it's going to change unless FIFA drops the gimmicks and gets serious about their football games. Granted, this year they made some strides, but it still retains that unrealistic feel with the absurd tricks and the pacing.

People actually have claimed that FIFA's slower pace this year is actually more realistic, but in actuality, real football games at the highest levels are actually quite fast paced, and there's a lot of counter attacking and tugs-o-war with possession. The speed feels sluggish at times, specially when players are going top speed. On the other side, PES sometimes seems too fast when controlling players of great speed and body balance that can just blast over the defenders. But this seems more of a problem of collision detection than actual speed, because when the players bump into the defender, there isn't much contact a lot of the times and they get overwhelmed by speed when they should have stopped the offensive player. Also, shirt pulling and marking with turbo pressed is completely useless against certain players, and that makes things quite unbalanced with teams, like Barcelona for example.

Coupled with that are the bugs that PES shipped with, which seem to be more of a problem for console gamers, as the PC game has already been patched and if you have a good PC the game runs fine. Still, there's no excuse to ship a game like that and it's really disheartening considering what they had promised for this release. With that said, the AI is excellent overall, although the game really lacks another difficulty level for the more experienced players.

I favor PES again this year for what matters most to me: gameplay. But if they don't pick it up for next year, FIFA might as well catch on eventually.
# 2 BrianFifaFan @ 12/01/07 08:47 PM
Lame and apologetic, somehow excusing the flaws that this years PES is showing and making Fifa another, close but no cigar. Too bad almost every message board is starting to feel otherwise. Heck, even Seabass is apologizing for this PES.

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