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For those of you that don't already know, patch #2 for Madden NFL 08 was released a few days ago.

"Fumble Fix - Reduced fumble chances in certain situations. This has been tested thoroughly and we feel that people will be happy with a more realistic (and more fun!) number of fumbles. This was priority number 1 for us. DB Reactions- changes to the way that DBs play man coverage. Defenders in man coverage won't be able to react to passes that they cannot see. This should make it easier to throw against man coverage. Favre "Moonwalk"- I love the names that you guys come up with for issues such as this one. You can rest assured that you won't see Farve (or any QB) dancing toward the sideline anymore. Hook Zone Flip Bug- I saw a post on a community forum talking about this bug and it turns out the fix was very minimal risk. You can now flip plays with hook zones without the players leaving their zones. Franchise - Fixed NCAA import issue where players would turn 26 Franchise - Fixed bug where HOF Unlocked players cannot be released in Franchise."
What have you noticed about the latest patch? Is it a major improvement? Minor improvement or have you had enough Madden?

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# 1 Sausage @ 12/03/07 08:41 PM
I am exhausted with this football game. There are to many other great games (sports and more) out now. I have also realized that EA's version of pro football is not for me anymore, except for NCAA. I has kept me playing, it runs different than Madden. There is a new option in town and a return of an older option that is now BC for the 360. Lets hope for the sake of choice-NFL (EA), NCAA (EA), AFL (EA), MLB (T2) and other licenses are open for other companies. Look at the NHL and NBA license, competition breeds great games. Peace.

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