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# 1 Steve_OS @ 12/05/07 08:41 PM
Wow, is right.
# 2 McLite @ 12/05/07 08:49 PM
This was supposed to be the next step in the FbPro type design. Yes...graphics were always going to be horrible compared to 2k/Madden/NCAA/etc. But the game was supposed to excel on the coaching aspect. Creating plays and developing game plans, as well as managing the team with the depth of stats and ratings.

I have to admit though it doesn't even look better than FbPro '98. It's sad that in these days and times we can't come up with a developer that will make a hard core football simulation like Sierra started over 15 years ago. I spent countless hours making PPP's (plays, plans, profiles) as they were called for the online leagues I was in. Combined with the player management and interaction with the other coaches it was the greatest football game I ever played.
# 3 NEW_ORLEANS @ 12/05/07 09:12 PM
The whole time I was watching this I had that look of something stinking on my face. Why do people waste their time making crap like this?
# 4 Fetter21 @ 12/05/07 09:41 PM
I thought it looked pretty good. It's for cell phones, right?
# 5 Behindshadows @ 12/05/07 11:43 PM
Any who buys this, has serious issues..

That trailer was simply horrible. Wow!!!!
# 6 xrams @ 12/06/07 01:57 AM
I don't play PC games... but, I'd never knock any dev. trying to break into the Football (gaming) market.... I hope it does well... choice is alway good...
# 7 thegoons21 @ 12/06/07 02:55 AM
The graphics are bleh, but I can see what they're TRYING to do. If you go to their site it gives some details. Maybe 2K can pay some attention....or just let these guys borrow their engine?
# 8 ItsOrangeBaby @ 12/06/07 06:31 AM
I like the concept for the game, just think they forgot about something when they made the game.
# 9 Candyman5 @ 12/06/07 07:06 AM
Originally Posted by ItsOrangeBaby
I like the concept for the game, just think they forgot about something when they made the game.
Like graphics newer then my Super Nintendo.
# 10 Dice @ 12/06/07 08:00 AM
You guys have to understand that there is suppose to be ONE developer doing this game. ONE DEVELOPER! Now I know it's not Madden or APF2K8 graphics BUT those games have 40+ developers working on those games. And not to mention the 40-50 artist, animators and sound guys working on their game.

For what he puts out on his lone project, I think he's doing a good job.

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