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Videogamer has posted an interview with Nick Channon, Executive producer of Burnout Paradise.
Videogamer: "Despite the struggle for innovation, it's actually been a good year for fresh feeling driving games, from PGR4 to Excite Truck via Sega Rally. How would you say Burnout actually distinguishes itself as the other greats have done?"
Nick Channon: "I think for us it was about truly starting again and making what we felt was a next-gen experience. So that was making it look amazing, at 60 FPS. Burnout's always been at 60 FPS. It always has been and has to be. We're the first open world game to do that at the moment on the next-gen platforms. So, to sum up: it's driving without a care. It's driving at 200 mph weaving in and out of the traffic. It's about doing things you couldn't do in the real world and we just take it that bit further."

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