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Gamer 2.0 has posted Burnout Paradise impressions for the following consoles:
  • Playstation 3
    "Welcome to Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. The new home of the open world Burnout Paradise certainly has a weird feeling to it; the city almost feels like it belongs in Grand Theft Auto more than it does in a Burnout game. The city feels alive with plenty of cars on the road and it works better than GTA has with its disappearing citizens and vehicles. Itís nice to find a large amount of hidden passages in the 10% of the map that was opened up at this point, which means that there should be a ton of them to find when the full game releases. What you can find in the ďlittleĒ bit of Paradise ranges from beachside property, rich neighborhoods, train yards, and the industrial side of the city, which brings comparisons with Burnout Revenge to mind. There are plenty of ramps to launch from, along with some parking garages that you can jump off to reach building tops across the road and continue your mayhem from there. Itís nice to just drive around the sandbox Criterion has created for hours and test out the limits of your power."
  • Xbox 360
    "While the big, open world seems like the biggest feature of Burnout Paradise, it is and always will be the crashes. With the added power of the next-gen systems, the crashes definitely look better than ever. Itís unfortunate that takedowns during races donít quite have the same ďoomphĒ that they did back in Burnout 3 and Revenge, but it hasnít diminished much at all. The cool thing about crash and the open world is that when you crash, the only times you wreck are when you land upside down or run into civilian vehicles, but even some of the worst crashes you can run into arenít enough to stop your car. As long as you land right-side up when your car rolls or flips, youíre fine, but that smashed top of your car is just a nice touch to the more insane jumps you make. Itís still strange that itís rare to see a racing game practically reward you for crashing your car and making it so easy to do."

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