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Man, "All Day" is a very impressive running back. No doubt he gets ROY this year, but can you imagine what his stats would look like if he was healthy all year? He shares the load w/ Taylor as well, which is just unreal. I didn't think he'd amount to much in the NFL, but boy was I wrong. The Vikings have a great RB for the future.

Almost finished with my Christmas shopping, just a few more things to go.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: Have you completed your Christmas shopping?
Happy Birthday to the following OS'er!


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# 1 The GIGGAS @ 12/18/07 05:57 AM
I have no idea what to get for my girlfriend's stocking. No clue.
# 2 DaveDQ @ 12/18/07 06:04 AM

For the first time, I am finished with the bulk of my Christmas shopping a good week before Christmas. My wife and I opened a checking account where we auto-drafted 25 dollars a pay period throughout the year and it just allowed us to nail down gifts really quick.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 12/18/07 07:40 AM
Peterson is still too injury-prone for my tastes. I'm still very happy the Browns took Joe Thomas instead of AP.

DSL at home is on the fritz. I need to leave work today at some point when the technician comes sometime between 8 and 5.

QOTD: My wife does almost all of our shopping, so I really only had to buy for her. I bought most of her gifts on Friday and got candy for her stocking last night. Still waiting for a t-shirt I ordered from Cafe Press over a week ago to be shipped.
# 4 ExtremeGamer @ 12/18/07 07:58 AM
QOTD - I do all my shopping online, finished weeks ago.
# 5 Pete1210 @ 12/18/07 08:06 AM
QOTD: My wife does most of the shopping. I just have 2 more gifts to buy.
# 6 MNOFSTEEL34 @ 12/18/07 08:24 AM
# 7 nyisles16 @ 12/18/07 09:04 AM
QOTD - finished.....
# 8 TJdaSportsGuy @ 12/18/07 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by admin
Happy Birthday to the following OS'er!

Happy Birthday to a guy who hasn't been on OS in over 2 years. Steve...ever think about auto-deleting inactive accounts after a period of a year or two?
# 9 ZM Punk @ 12/18/07 03:31 PM
QOTD- Still have a few gifts I need to pick up and just like always there I'll be fighting the crowd at mall this weekend. Things like that really make me hate being a procrastinator.

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