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I'm probably at around 50% in the Drake game now. Riding the Jeep and the wave runner was very cool! Only played for about an hour or so last night as I was dead tired.

Parker broke his leg last night in a beatdown of the Rams. Huge injury for the Steelers.

Maybe Parcells will trade that #1 to Dallas.

Bron beats out Kobe for the 4th straight time and actually played some D last night, on Kobe no less...

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?
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# 1 boomhauertjs @ 12/21/07 07:34 AM
Steve, LeBron's been playing defense most of the year, unlike a lot of his teammates .

QOTD: "Working" from home today, taking online continuing education classes. Spending the weekend with my wife's family in Dayton (going to see my UD Flyers hoops team on Saturday). Coming back home on Christmas Day to spend time with my family.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone!!

Go BROWNS!!!!!!
# 2 nyisles16 @ 12/21/07 08:56 AM
QOTD-- working early the next two days.. celebrating xmas with my grandparents on Sat since they are leaving for Germany on Xmas... Christmas Eve watching my niece sing at church, then back to my parent's house... then we go to midnight service.. my bro and I always have a tradition of sleeping over at my parent's house Christmas Eve - this year will be no different.. Christmas will be spent at my sister's house
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 12/21/07 09:02 AM

My 2 week vacation began yesterday, it's damn nice not to have to work right now
# 4 Behindshadows @ 12/21/07 09:31 AM
QOTD - My son turns 7 tomorrow. So I'll be celebrating his birthday, after he falls asleep that night, I'll finish my last few all-time teams on March madness 08.

And on Sunday sleep!!!

But tonight I got 17 more classic teams and I'm done. then I'll do a few touch ups on College Hoops.
# 5 2kmaster @ 12/21/07 09:52 AM
What happens to 2k Sports if EA does acquire Take Two? If EA decides to just let them die I think I am done with videogames. Is it possible that Visual Concepts will become independent again? Would Ubisoft buy them? I hate this crap. This move is merely in retaliation to the Activision/ Blizzard ,merger. Screw EA if this happens.
# 6 SportsAce @ 12/21/07 11:08 AM
I'll probably watch the Titans beat the Jets.
# 7 racerx @ 12/21/07 11:18 AM
Crazy just Crazy....

My nephews B-Day party is Sat night, My female Siberian Husky will be having her puppies anyday now and we are having family over for Xmas Eve on Monday. I hope I can still get some gaming in!!!!!

Merry Xmas
# 8 MachoMyers @ 12/21/07 02:37 PM
I finished school (again) forever (this time) and am going to sit and play OOTP Baseball (nerd) while I booze my face off and avoid my inlaws (outlaws).
# 9 Pete1210 @ 12/21/07 02:42 PM
My oldest son passed his road test yesterday. I've got mixed feelings about that I'm happy for him, but it ads something else for me to be concerned about as a parent.
The weekend I hope will be quiet so I can save up my energy for Christmas Eve and Christmas. If it stays dry, I still have some leaves to rake up. This one huge oak tree in my yard still has about 1/4 of its leaves.
# 10 LHT69 @ 12/21/07 03:39 PM
My 2 week vacation began today however need to do some last minute shopping...may go to the beach later, and then rent a move or 2. This Christmas came by so fast, it still dosen't really feel like Christmas to me yet.
# 11 countryboy @ 12/21/07 03:48 PM
My Christmas came early when I left Gamestop. I don't have to report to my new job until the day after Christmas. So I have been relaxing.

I wil be with family all weekend eating dinners, exchanging gifts.
# 12 WhiskeyD0G @ 12/26/07 10:27 PM
The link to the Restaurant Secret Recipe's is not working.

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