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Looking forward to watching the playoff games over the weekend and hopefully trying out the NFL Tour demo on the PS3.

What's up with you?
  • QOTD: What are you up to this weekend?
Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

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# 1 Rainey @ 01/04/08 07:42 AM
Catching up at work... being off for New Years kinda put me behind at work.
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 01/04/08 07:42 AM
QOTD - taking down all the Xmas decorations. I started some last night, hopefully will finish Saturday. Our house becomes the North Pole around Christmas time. LOL

NFL Tour went from a game I didn't care about to a game that was a must buy off that demo. I'm very impressed.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ 01/04/08 07:54 AM
QOTD: Pretty slow weekend overall. Getting some new tires for the wife's car. Try to get Christmas decorations put away. Hosting our first Rock Band party. Some of our friends think it's cool and some think it's dorky, so we'll see who actually comes over.
# 4 Pete1210 @ 01/04/08 08:00 AM
QOTD: We're celebrating my wife and bro-in-laws birthdays at my house on Saturday. On Sunday take down the Christmas decorations. In between watch some NFL.
# 5 SportsAce @ 01/04/08 10:30 AM
QOTD: Watch the Titans game of course.
# 6 funky_chicken @ 01/04/08 11:51 AM
I have to work Saturday and Sunday. School starts back up on Monday.
# 7 Pared @ 01/04/08 12:10 PM
Watching the Giants whip that booty! Go G-men!
# 8 SidVish @ 01/04/08 12:48 PM
Watching the NFL playoffs with friends while enjoying adult beverages of course.
# 9 PVarck31 @ 01/04/08 12:50 PM
Just relaxing all weekend before I start my new job on Tuesday
# 10 MachoMyers @ 01/04/08 01:35 PM
QOTD: Waiting to hear back from employers and my teaching certification.

Playoff football starts Saturday.

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