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According to Kotaku, it sure looks that way.
  • Rumor: 2K9 College Hoops Canned, EA Seeks NCAA Deal
    "Rumor has it that 2K Sports have walked away from negotiations with The Collegiate Licensing Company and that 2K9 College Hoops has been officially canned due to the break down in the talks."
  • Take-Two: College Hoops Canceled
    "2K Sports has decided not to continue negotiations with the CLC for the license for its top-rated College Hoops franchise, which would have been released next in November 2008. We are committed to providing fans with high-quality, critically-acclaimed sports games, but given our disciplined approach to the business, we do not believe the current discussions would result in an acceptable outcome."

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# 1 K-nut @ 01/12/09 02:34 PM
I sure hope they figure somethin out cuz a lot of people really liked that game
# 2 Herky @ 01/19/09 07:05 PM
2K8 is hands down the best sports game ever released for the 360. It's miles ahead of anything out now.
# 3 rockchisler @ 01/20/09 05:10 PM
Nothing new here......
# 4 noma @ 02/05/09 08:13 PM
recession in full effect!
# 5 superjames1992 @ 02/15/09 07:19 PM
Originally Posted by noma
recession in full effect!
This has nothing to do with recession really as this happened before the recession hit, but okay...
# 6 Cusefan @ 02/16/09 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by P2K
Why keep bumping this thread? It's a year old.
lol this is ridiculous. Ok Folks, EA Had NOTHING to do with 2K canceling College hoops. 2k Dropped the Titles then EA bought the rights from NCAA, 2k Ended College hoops, not EA.

Even though 2K had better Sales than March Madness, they were still not making enough money to continue the series.
# 7 bowdown2shadi @ 02/17/09 11:22 PM
Originally Posted by P2K
Why keep bumping this thread? It's a year old.
Tell me about it. I look at the title and think "WTF?" Everyone knows this by now...
I hate noobish acts, when people are bumping threads a year old. And dumb***' like me contributing to it.
# 8 VGH @ 02/27/09 09:10 PM
I was looking foward to thins game but now my hopes are lost. Owell
# 9 swaggman @ 06/13/09 07:15 PM
thats so stupid man im so pissed off that i cant pee any more how u gon make nba2k9 d best nba game evrer but dont follow up on collgeg. i was so hoping on dis game one of the reason was the graphic and the features of the game so all im saying hurry up and make the game all ready ya digg
# 10 osubucksfan47 @ 06/13/09 08:48 PM
Does anyone know if / when they'll pick this series back up again?
# 11 Cusefan @ 06/13/09 11:10 PM
2K gave up on us, they decided they were not making enough money on College basketball so they canned the title.
# 12 superjames1992 @ 06/14/09 01:56 AM
Originally Posted by osubucksfan47
Does anyone know if / when they'll pick this series back up again?
We will never see another College Hoops 2K game. Or at least not in the near future.

And what is with people bumping this thread?
# 13 maddenps2 @ 06/14/09 12:59 PM
someone lock it up.
# 14 Hammerhunker @ 06/14/09 05:37 PM
Originally Posted by maddenps2
someone lock it up.
Why do people call for the lock up? Why can't you just move on?
Originally Posted by P2K
Unsubscribe, ignore, and relax...Geez.
# 15 Pared @ 06/15/09 11:07 PM
This thread is over a year old. Quit bumping it.

If you'd like to discuss College Hoops, there's a forum for it.

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