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WorthPlaying has posted some Don King Presents: Prizefighter screenshots.
"Don King Presents: Prizefighter is a documentary-style boxing game under development at Venom Games, known for Rocky: Legends, featuring a documentary-style narrative career mode, training, and will require you to also manage personal relationships outside of the ring."
Update: Screenshots have been removed from their site, per Take Two/2K Sports.

Game: Don King Presents: PrizefighterReader Score: 3.5/10 - Vote Now
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Don King Presents: Prizefighter Videos
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# 1 Blitzburgh @ 01/17/08 10:02 AM
The fighters look ok but the detail put into the ring and lighting looks great. I need to see some high res screens and a vid to make any real opinion at this point.
# 2 FocusYoMindOnDis @ 01/17/08 12:27 PM
Will Don taking all of your money be included in the game script?
# 3 luv_mist @ 01/17/08 02:00 PM
The atmosphere looks so freaking realistic. I'm curious to know how the movement looks. I'm impressed by the surroundings but the models can definitely use a bit more love. Should be quite interesting.
# 4 bkfount @ 01/17/08 05:13 PM
the makers of Rocky: Legends made this?

# 5 Vast @ 01/17/08 06:16 PM
****! the screenshots have been removed at the request of take2. Why??!! does anybody have them?? please
# 6 Vast @ 01/17/08 06:18 PM
Damn the pictures only lasted 10 minutes up on that site. WTF!?
# 7 daflyboys @ 01/18/08 02:02 AM
I would never buy anything with Don King's picture/name on it.... oh wait, damn, I own 2 copies of NFL 2K5....crap.
# 8 stizz @ 01/18/08 02:43 AM
The screenshots can be found in the Prizefighter thread in the boxing section.
# 9 devilsmaster @ 01/18/08 05:48 AM
I found this game quite interesting.I really enjoyed it.

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