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Looking forward to a 3 day weekend. Not sure what I'll be doing, but something is always going on. For the most part, I'll be working on getting the finishing touches on the new redesign. We are still hoping for a mid-Feb launch, give or take.

What's up with you?
  • Q'sOTD: Which teams advance to the Super Bowl and what are you up to this weekend?
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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 01/18/08 09:08 AM
QOTD - Green Bay and San Diego would be my wanted matchup, but I think it'll be Green Bay and New England.

NOTHING!!! It's supposed to be single digits all weekend, we're locking in, watching movies and eating some cool dinners we're going to make up. A totally nothing weekend, and I can't wait!
# 2 racerx @ 01/18/08 09:11 AM
I have my one Sat off a month this weekend, going to be working on our bedroom tomorrow and also the wife is going out with her Friend to a movie tonight so I will be doing some heavy game tonight.

QOTD - Who I want is Chargers vs Packers, who I believe is Patriots vs Packers.
# 3 Pete1210 @ 01/18/08 09:18 AM
QOTD: Giants/Patriots
# 4 MachoMyers @ 01/18/08 09:19 AM
QOTD: Packers vs. Patriots
# 5 SportsAce @ 01/18/08 10:07 AM
QOTD: Packers/Pats.
# 6 Sancheezy @ 01/18/08 10:15 AM
QOTD: Giants V Pats!!

Whats up? Not much, working as usual. We have winter workouts tonight for my baseball team. Gotta get these kids ready for our first tournament in march!
# 7 Behindshadows @ 01/18/08 10:22 AM
QOTD - Packs vs Pats.
# 8 SidVish @ 01/18/08 10:41 AM
QOTD: Packers vs. Patriots
# 9 boomhauertjs @ 01/18/08 11:03 AM
Worst week of work I think I've ever had. I'll be glad when today is over. The capper was yesterday when a spreadsheet that over 20 people were working in suddenly disappeared. I'm the person in charge of the project, so I had a flood of e-mails. All of this happened right before I was supposed to leave work to go coach a junior high hoops game. Luckily I made it in time for the game (which we lost, of course).

QOTD: Pack and Pats. Going to Baltimore on Saturday to celebrate a very late Christmas with my sister-in-law and her husband. My in-laws are going as well. Should be fun, but after this week, I'd rather be sitting at home playing 360 all weekend.
# 10 rspencer86 @ 01/18/08 01:31 PM
QOTD: Packers-Pats. This weekend I'll be getting ready for classes to start on Tuesday. Also have the big Mizzou-Kansas game tomorrow here in Columbia, so that will take up a good chunk of my Saturday.

Can't wait to see the OS redesign. I know a lot of work has been put into it.

EDIT: Wow, that mutant human-dog is weird.
# 11 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 01/18/08 04:09 PM
Q'SOTD: I hope the Chargers face the Giants. Philip vs ELI. But i dont care as long as the chargers put up a fight..

Im hosting a championship sunday party at my house containing the likes of Chili's chips and queso among other football needs.

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